Match Attax – Guest Post on Con Rowan’s Euro 2012 Blog

Big thanks to James, who’s 26, for that. Ah sure, aren’t we all big kids at heart?

Right (of Way) – Video Documentary

A documentary about the legal battle faced by a walking group in Wicklow after they claimed a right of way existed over private land

Right (of Way) – Teaser

I showed it to the lecturer who very helpfully pointed out that a minute long opening in a 3-5 minute doc may be pushing things a bit. Fair.

The Little Museum of Dublin

There’s more to Dublin than visiting dignitaries or the 1916 rising, and the museum makes sure the cultural aspects of the city are brought to the fore.

The Fall and Rise of Shelbourne FC

Leeds United, Bradford City, Icarus. What rises must fall, and Shelbourne flew too close to the sun.

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