InDesign Practice – Pokémon Postgrad Prospects

I read ‘so you want to be a…’ and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Pokemon Master’. I have no explanation for this.

Daily Mail Uncovers Microsoft ‘Extortion’ Scam

After signing her son up for Xbox Live, he proceeded to purchase £1,000 worth of downloadable games from the internet, where pornography can also be found on unrelated websites.

Should Violent Games Be Censored?

From Michel Foucault suggesting that regulation of sexuality led to it becoming a topic of discussion across society, to the huge sales of Mortal Kombat thanks to its gore, those who are denied access to something find it all the more appealing

The Roles of Women in Video Games

The lack of characterisation makes the female purely a sexual object and the focus of the plot then, is to be stronger physically than her tormentors, to prove one’s worth to a fantasy through victory in combat.

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