The Fiscal Compact Treaty – An Idiot’s Guide

Exceptional circumstances – if a volcano erupts or something, you can probably ignore the whole treaty and start rebuilding your shattered lives


Magazine Design – The Celestial Body

One Size Fitz Hall

Save Your Brain – Guest Post by Martin Reulecke

Always remember: It is not a good idea to play on a slot-machine when you are trying to hide

InDesign Practice – Pokémon Postgrad Prospects

I read ‘so you want to be a…’ and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Pokemon Master’. I have no explanation for this.

Fine Gael: Go Ireland Review

Maybe this is an ironic or existential argument put forth by the creators, allowing us to meditate on the futility of Fine Gael’s policies, or perhaps it is truly just one of the most poorly designed and ill-conceived pieces of political propaganda ever produced.

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