You may or may not know me. If you do, Lorcster, I finally updated this blog. Enjoy. If not, hi! I’m James, a semi-employed journalist (as in, working for free most of the time) and in some vague, odd, indeterminable sense, a documentary maker.

The content you find here may not be wholly consistent, in terms of quality or indeed subject. This is where my best writing will end up, including articles from multiple websites I’ve written for. On top of that I’ll post articles and stories I’ve taken on independently. If you find them interesting, awful, confusing, enlightening or any other ing, leave a comment, it’s free apparently.

I’ve also been working on other media, radio, tv and photography mostly, so again, the best of what I do gets a place on the blog. Particularly documentary film and anything related to that, which I’m becoming really rather obsessed with. Hello RTE, please hire me to make factual television, thank you.

My actual ability to do things has been recognised in award nominations several times. I’ve been nominated for writing, blogging, film and radio, but never won. Always the bridesmaid. Which is nice because white doesn’t suit me.

Is there anything I can’t do, you may ask? Well, win awards apparently. Also maths. I’m horrible at maths. Once I hit long division it was all downhill from there.

This is both my online portfolio, and, I hope, my evolution as a journalist/fim-maker/general media person. I assume the quality will improve as I work on my writing, editing, photography and so on, so you, dear reader, must be the judge. How am I driving – 085-74*****?

If you’d like to get in touch about anything I’ve written or created, or you’re interested in my ample talents (my eyes are up here, and I’m male) get in touch, also free. Until I become a ‘single girl in your area’. My professional website can be found at landsleaving.com

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Gotta love Irish bloggers. Cool site!

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