Making Video Yourself

After a brief break for the Easter bank holiday, I’m back for the final post in this series, and the first in a new one.

If your budget is tight and you can’t afford to hire someone to make a video, you could always try making it yourself. HD video is possible on plenty of mobile phones and digital cameras, so with a little effort you can make something simple, but effective.

There is one thing to remember – you aren’t going to have the production values you would with hiring an expert to make your video. Not to worry though, because there are ways to show off what you do with video that don’t break the bank.

Blogging is something you may already be doing, but have you considered vlogging? Vlogging is video blogging, so all you need is a camera, a quiet room and something to say. If you’re an expert in your field, you can show that off by giving tips, advice and information. It’s not giving away something for free, it’s sharing content.

Here are some videos I made offering tips on making videos of your own.


Sharing is important, as anyone with a successful blog about their business will attest. Entrepreneur and now angel investor Niall Harbison said on the Late Late last week that the critical point for his business, Simply Zesty, was when they started giving information away for free. The web is all about content, that’s what brings people to your site, and good, interesting, useful content can keep them there.

Video is a great way to do that, because it gives the viewer familiarity with you, can build a following and get people sharing your content. If you make enlightening videos, then they don’t need to be technically amazing. Just share your knowledge. You’re still the expert, and by giving people a little insight into what you do, they can see the value in doing business with you or becoming a customer.

If you make a product, show people how you do it. Demo it, show it off. Maybe you give training – give some tips in a video and upload it to youtube, it could attract someone to look for more training from you. Show people why you or your product are worth their money by giving them a little taste of your expertise.

Over the next few weeks I’ll go through the basics of shooting, editing and uploading a video to youtube, but if you want some advice specific to what you’re doing, just ask.  If there’s anything you’d like me to cover, just let me know in a comment here.

I already have a few tutorials up on youtube, some aimed at the more advanced video maker, but you might just pick up a few tips and techniques that could help you sell your business through video, so check them out here.

Next week I’ll start with some simple tips for making your video look more professional, so make sure you follow @landsleaving on twitter for updates.




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