Planning with the Video Producer

Now that you’ve decided on a producer (you have, haven’t you? If not, last week’s blog should help) it’s time to get the ball rolling on your video. Step one is planning.

A good start is to introduce what you do to the producer, just explain what you offer, who your customers are, the impression you think people have of you and what you do.

Be candid and honest, their job is to make you look good and find more customers, so if you’re just starting off, or things aren’t going as you planned, they will be able to tailor the video to reach a new market or enhance your brand.

Frankly, there’s no point talking up your business to the video producer. Don’t see them as a potential customer. Treat them as a part of the business for as long as they’re involved with it and you’ll get the benefit of their experience with other brands. Let them talk the business up for you.

This might be as simple as knowing whether you should be reminding your customers about what you do or introducing yourself. It might be as complex as working out a media strategy to help an ailing brand or introduce a new product to a crowded market.

Honesty about where you are, as well as where you want to be, is important.

Next, refer back to what you want from the video – which I’ve covered here.

Explaining the ideas you have to the producer will help them understand what you want the video to look like, but there are a few more simple things that can really help with getting the results you want.

Send the producer some examples of what you like, what you don’t like and what you want your video to look like. Scour youtube, watch TV, even listen to the radio and look at pictures. Anything you can show them that helps explain what you want is a huge help.

The crucial part of using examples is that it gives the producer a starting point which you’re happy with. It can be very tough to explain the ideas in your head, so showing them is much easier.

Keywords are another great way to help the video producer out. Donal of Carve Cases told us he wanted something cool and stylish to sell his wooden iPhone cases – but also emphasising their hand crafting by filming him making a case. This was a great help going in, and we already had editing in mind before turning on the camera – it makes a huge difference.

Bia Beauty’s homemade products made a country home location a great choice, and cooking programmes were the visual reference.


Any method you can think of to help your video producer understand what you want is useful. It’s fodder for their creativity and an insight into yours. It’s also a chance to really think about what you do and how you want people to see it.

Once you’re on the same page it’s time to talk about the video proper. Did you want a creative video? Then start working together on a story that integrates your brand.

If you wanted a product demo, talk through the process of making it or using it, and build a sequence of visuals together. Think about voiceover, what kind of voice suits the product?

If you want to introduce yourself, consider locations. Are you ok with paying to use somewhere? If not, is where you work visually interesting? Do you make products at home? Is that something you want to promote or hide? Is the location quiet, loud, does it echo, do trains pass by often? Is it well-lit? Outdoors or indoors? Do you want to mix up all of those styles, or try something totally different?

There are a huge number of factors to consider, so careful planning is really important. Your video producer will have a  lot of criteria for good locations, style, shots, sound, voiceover and so on. Listen to them. You don’t have to agree, but you hired them because they produce work you like, so trust them when they pitch ideas or make suggestions – it could make all the difference for the video.

Finally, have fun. It sounds strange, but if you both enjoy making the video, it will translate to a better finished product. Get creative, think of silly ideas, practice acting in front of the mirror (Are you talkin’ to me?) and enjoy it.


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