How To Choose a Video Producer

How do you know if the person you want to work with to sell yourself will do a good job? Every production is different, so there can be no absolute guarantees, but there are some things to consider when looking for a video producer, or production company.

First, recommendations. If you can ask someone else you know who had a video made, then they can tell you how long it took to actually produce the finished product, both on the shoot and in editing. They can also tell you what the producer is like to work with. Sure the end result is what matters, but it doesn’t do any harm if the person you work with is at least personable.

Next, their previous work. To start with, do they have any? If not, that’s probably a bad sign. If they do you need to look out for a few things. Does their work look good? It’s pretty simple, and should only take a few minutes on their website, youtube or vimeo to decide. They should have a showreel that gives an overall sense of their style and experience.



You also need to look at their style. Do you like how they put video together? There are any number of different styles, and choosing a producer will depend on what style you want. It’s not absolutely vital that they’ve done something similar to what you want, but it can be a good starting point to discuss ideas.

There’s also the question of range. Have they worked in a few different styles? If there’s a lot of one particular type of content, and you want that style, that’s great. If not though, do they have examples in the style you want? If not, they may not be familiar with it, so do ask before going ahead with the hire.

Again though, range isn’t crucial. Some people just end up doing a lot of one particular type of work, but can work in plenty of other ways. Even a single example of a different style is a good indication that a producer can be adaptable to suit your needs.

You should also talk to them and get a sense of their personality. If you intend to work with them on a few videos, this is really important. If your personalities clash, your videos could suffer. You should be on the same page with them about what you want and what they are going to do.

Cost is also a consideration. Larger companies will charge more, and you’re paying for consistency, equipment and a bigger team. You’ll need to balance that against your budget. A smaller company or an individual might be able to do everything you want for a fraction of the cost.

I previously mentioned that more creative, film-style videos need more money, and that applies here. Do you want a simple video that introduces what you do, or a documentary-style demonstration? If you do, then there’s no need to bring in a massive creative agency.

Here’s another reason to look at their work – if there are some really good examples of video you liked, you can ask directly how much it would cost to achieve that look. The answer could be that it was a big-budget production, but that’s not always the case, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, do you like their work? This is probably the simplest way to decide whether to hire a video producer or not. If you don’t like what they do, avoid them, and if you do like it, then you’re off to a great start toward getting what you want.

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