What Kind of Video Should You Go For?

There’s more to video production than just making something and hoping people watch it, you have to give them a reason to keep watching, and hopefully sharing.

Think about what you do, could it be visually interesting? There isn’t much that a professionally made video can’t make interesting, but will the effort be worth it?

If the video goes viral, or if you pay for broadcast, then it’s worth every penny. The problem is, going viral is largely random, and the best videos aren’t necessarily the videos people share.

That leaves broadcast on TV, which is expensive, but has the benefit of massive exposure.

If it’s out of your price range, video can still help you, but you have to know what you want from it. Videos can be simple product demos, an introduction to your service or at the other end of the scale, creative pieces that look more like a short film. The best option is down to what you do, and what you intend to use the video for.

Carve Cases went for a video showcasing the hand-crafting of their product.

A creative video is usually far more expensive than a product demo, but the advantage is that you can produce something that makes people laugh or think. You can relate to them, and leave an impression that lasts beyond the length of the video.

Relating to people though, can be tricky. Your video producer will need to hire actors, a larger crew, book locations. It adds up very quickly. Creative effects such as animation, slow motion and so on, need a larger budget too.

Don’t necessarily let the cost deter you – if you think creative advertising is the best way to inform people about what you do, discuss it with your video producer. Tell them your budget, ask what they can achieve. Us film-makers love a challenge, and as long as there’s enough of a budget to pay the producer properly, then there’s always a way.

The alternative, and this is a great option for smaller businesses and startups looking to get into video, is to simply introduce yourself and what you do. It likely won’t go viral, but it will make a website stand out, and keep people on the homepage a little longer.

If you can show people what makes your product unique through visuals, then video is a great way to get people interested. You know what you do best, so if you’re working with video, be sure the people you’re working with understand how you see yourself, your service or your product.

Filming you, or someone who represents your business, talking about what you do can help people who find your site to gain a more personal connection with what you do. The person in the video will need to be comfortable in front of a camera, so consider practising at home with a webcam.

From there, you can add some demonstrations of what you do, shots of your product or service in action or testimonials from clients. Adding some humour, action or drama elements is also a possibility, and your video producer will be able to advise on what works for your business.

Of course, if you have no idea what you want from a video, you can tell the video producer that much, and let them work on some ideas – but remember, they’ll have to be paid for that time too.

Finally, if you really don’t know what you want from a video, it might be a better option to ask yourself if it’s really something you want, or think will benefit your business.

Next week: Should you appear in, or voice-over, your videos?

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