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I’ve been pretty bad at posting lately, haven’t I? I’ve been working on a few projects of late, but one keeps leading into the next so I haven’t had much time to post anything here. Even this week, which has me doing nothing (roughly translated as developing ideas for future projects, getting my gear, computer and such organised to save hassle when I’m busier, and learning to use a new camera) feels busy.

So, a quick update on the last, is it few weeks or months since I posted something? I’ve lost track.

I’ve set up a production company, LandsLeaving Media, which can be found at landsleaving.com – it has all of my work on it, and tinkering with it has taken up time I would have spent with this blog.

I directed a music video for Frances Black, a stop  motion piece. Very, very time consuming, but a great learning experience and a few miles out of my comfort zone of documentary-style work. Doing something new is really rewarding, and happily, Frances and her manager were really happy with it, so a general ‘yay’ all round.

Check it out:

What Stigma?, my latest documentary, was screened at the Clones Film Festival, and the London Underground film festival. It was also rejected by Sundance and Slamdance. Oh well. I entered it for the Fingal Film Festival and they’ll be using it for a Christmas fest in advance of the main festival, with a youth mental health team, so it’s great to see the film being part of something positive. On that same note, it should be view-able on the First Fortnight website in the next few weeks too, if you want to check it out.

I’ve given up on the idea of posting a postscript to my cycle to Kerry, but in the warm glow of a few months later, it feels like a great achievement that I’d love to repeat, despite the horrible flashbacks of the road from Tarbert to Listowel. Actually anything beyond Foynes was a disaster. I did make over €600 for Pieta House in the end, so it was well worth the effort.

I traveled to Cork with Gavan Byrne to shoot a promo video for Bia Beauty, one of the two winners of Niall Harbison‘s 10,000 yoyos competition. Seriously lovely location, but we filmed mostly indoors. Gavan was the camera op, I directed and did the (basic) lighting. Have a look at the results:

I’ve also been working with VOICE Ireland, an environmental charity, to promote the Feeding the 5,000 event, which took place on November 24th. It was a great success, so happy days. I did some web design, graphic design, marketing, video, twitter, facebook and even washed apples. It was fun, and I’m staying on with VOICE as a media partner/communications officer through the new company. I made two videos for the event, one of the apple picking before:

The other was on the day, I planned the shoot (ish), thought of questions for the people in the video, shot it, edited and uploaded it before the event ended. It took about 5 hours total, from 11am until 4pm, and the video made it to Broadsheet.ie by 4.45pm. Fantastic experience of the newsgathering workflow. High stress, but that just makes it more fun. Of course, using a DSLR and syncing audio for an hour is probably not the best setup for that situation, but it is workable.

That’s more or less it for now. I’m working on another music video and some radio stuff for RTE Jr. at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have some more to post soon.

Before that though, what do I plan for this blog? Well, I’ll post updates with work and such now and again, but I’ll try to use it a bit more for posts along the lines of my budget documentary setup. Media works better if information is shared, so I’ll tell you what I’ve learned, hopefully it helps someone, somewhere, produce something they’re proud of.

Bye for now,



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