Blister Act 2: Back in the Saddle

I thought of the headline while I was actually training. It didn’t last.


If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. Short answer, I’ve been busy. I’ve been working on a few things that may or may not happen, and a few that don’t really work posted on a blog. I do have a new video, which I’ll post soon.

You may remember I’m going to be cycling from Dublin to Kerry in aid of Pieta House, and that in Kerry I’ll be seeing Nunday, my short documentary, as part of the Made in Kerry section of the Kerry Film Festival. It’s all very exciting, but I’ll probably just fall asleep.

I haven’t really been training. I’m going to be tired, grumpy, probably reasonably sweaty and sore all over. It all started out well enough, I did a week of gradually escalating difficulty and inclines, then the last two weeks mostly involved work, then more work, and one trip to the gym. I got bored and went home quickly, I hate the gym. The weather hasn’t helped, but I only have myself to blame, really.

And that leads me to tomorrow. Tomorrow, when I’ll be setting out on the road, off to Kerry via PortLaoise and Limerick. I’m still going, some very nice people sponsored the cycle and it’s for a great cause in Pieta House. If you’re an experienced cyclist, the kind of person who usually does these charity ‘spins’ then you’ll likely think my 100km a day trip is pathetic. For me it’s going to be an uphill struggle. Even on flat roads.

Fittingly, the cycle ends and the screening is on on World Mental Health Day.

I’m still looking for sponsorship, so please consider throwing a few euro to Pieta House as I cough, cry and whinge my way across an entire country.

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