Nunday – Video

Nunday was rather brilliant and I was lucky enough to get two fantastic interviews for my own documentary (coming soon) as well as putting together a documentary short about the event. You may notice the following; I never reveal if the record was broken. This was not the editorial choice it may appear.

The lovely ending was an accident. I intended to film the big reveal and looked on in horror as my battery died and my cheap ebay backups lasted a good 10 minutes each. I got lucky when it rained on the lens. That’s my creative process; pure, unadulterated luck. Rhona Tarrant, who was working with me, was trying to wipe off the lens before we both realised it looked quite nice. It made a great closing shot so I can’t complain.

On to the main attraction then. You’ve probably seen it already – it was on who were great for getting the message out before the event too. I filmed most of the shots, Rhona did some as well. She covered sound for the interviews, made initial contact with Cora O’Brien and basically collared Billy Keane on the day and left me to wing it from there with questions. Great fun, and I’ll just say a big thanks to her for being extremely professional despite wearing a habit all day.

Do follow her on twitter – @rhonatarrant1¬†particularly if you enjoy children’s radio programmes about sport.

I’ll also repeat how wonderful it was to see so many people turn out for this. Listowel may be my new favourite place. Beating out the chair I’m sitting on right now by a slim margin. And it’s a great chair. Convenient location too, right at my desk.

You probably just want to watch the video now?

Please do share if not the video, the importance of Pieta House and similar services such as 1Life and Console.

If I take anything away from Nunday it’s that things are really changing with mental illness. We’re getting it out in the open and as Billy Keane said “It’s things like this that’ll do it”.

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